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Norway and A Sale!

Information on Norway

15 Cambridge Street   
     Burlington, MA  01803        

First, let's talk Norway.

I want to thank everyone for your quick response and interest in this trip to Norway.
Unfortunately, it became apparent that this particular trip with Arne & Carlos was 
not going to meet our needs and so we had to cancel.  
But that doesn't mean we aren't travelling so keep the Passports at the ready.
More information will be coming shortly.  

Next - A SALE

This weekend, from Friday, 4th March to Sunday, 6th March, we will be having a sale
of 20% on all our in-stock Rowan and Sirdar products.  
And you should be aware that beginning next week, all of those products
will increase by 5% (Rowan Kid Silk Haze even more).
We were not given a lot of notice on this, but were able to bring in a fair amount
of stock at the old price, so take advantage now!