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Another Yarn Burlington, MA

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15 Cambridge Street
Burlington, MA  01803


Snow Day - and did it SNOW!!

This will be a
Remote Crafting
15 Cambridge Street   
     Burlington, MA  01803        

If you have seen the news, it appears that Burlington, MA
was close to being the "jackpot" area for snow with 18+ inches
and still snowing, just as it is up here.
We are going to give our landlord time
to dig us out so we will be having a Snow Day today.
That doesn't mean you can't keep
Knitting, Crocheting, Weaving and Spinning!
Our on-line shop is open and
we are available via email and Zoom,
so don't hesitate to reach out today if you need us.

We plan to be open tomorrow, so see you then. 

Stay safe and warm.