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It is Yarn Choice Time

Virtual Yarn Picking...

For those of you who have never experienced our in-person Retreat,
we have tried any number of ways to make yarn picking as
equitable as possible, but somehow we always end up with
But truthfully, that is probably part of the fun 
(and we have had no injuries - that I know of anyway...)

So here is what we are doing this year...

You will be choosing yarn for three different projects in
three different yarns:

1.  Rowan Moordale - 4 colors
2. Rowan Felted Tweed - 2 colors
3.  Rowan Alpaca Soft DK - 1 color

Here is what we are asking you to do - and do quickly!

A.  Review the colors either here or on the site

B.  Pick your color options - please choose your first and second choice for each
of the yarns.  We will try to get your first choice, but it is good to
have a second just in case we are not able to get in the
color you want.  Felted Tweed may be the most difficult as they
have some delays with shipping and we are waiting on some backorders.

C.  Send us your choices by tomorrow night - Thursday, 22nd Oct.
Be sure to label them with the yarn name and numbers!

And that is it.  You are getting more time than you normally would
so be quick. 
As for practice yarns, etc., those will be included in your box. 

So here are pictures of the yarns:

Rowan MOORDALE - 4 Colors
Here the options Moordale the team created



Rowan FELTED TWEED - 2 Colors

Some Felted Tweed Color combos as ideas - you want a contrast

Rowan ALPACA SOFT DK - 1 Color


Reminder that you make you payment balance (if you haven't already)
of $225 making the total
cost of the Retreat $425. 

Pre-retreat Zoom meeting to familiarize everyone
with the workings of Zoom will be Wednesday evening, 28th October at 7.00 pm.
It won't take long, but will be a huge help for everyone, promise.

Reminder to let us know if you will need us to ship your box of
treasure prior to the Retreat and be sure to include your
shipping address - it's a BIG BOX - plus any dietary restrictions.

We are finalizing the schedule of events which will be out shortly!

To pay your Balance...

You can pay your balance by Clicking Here , or call us at 781-570-2134.

Any questions just email at or give us a call.

More information soon! 

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy.  Teresa