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Shop Workings, Drop-in Class and Social Information, Face Mask update

The Shop is Open,
No In-Store Access.
Face Mask Info at
the end of the
15 Cambridge Street   
     Burlington, MA  01803        
There is a lot of information here, so please bear with us.  We want to give you as much detail as we have
about what we are doing at the shop and beyond.  We want to stay connected to you as much as we can and as
much as technology will allow - which is lots.  We are all going through a tough time and it is important we
have each other and our creativity on which to rely.  Our job is facilitate that and we are trying.
We know that we have a number of customers who may not have technology and might feel
isolated and need a project to work on .  If you know anyone to whom we can reach out and send
a project, drop us an email or voicemail.  It is important they feel connected too.
 Everyone can make a baby blanket and we will be happy to send a kit to them

                                                                     Now - What is Happening at the Shop

As we notified you all in our past emails, the Shop is Open for on-line orders, video/phone shopping, parking lot delivery, virtual trunk shows (to be announced), and virtual Classes.  In order to protect the team and our families, we have had to social distance by keeping our door closed and we all feel terrible with that, but know it is the right decision.  So let's start with what we are doing with you.

Drop-in Classes - we have set up Virtual Classes through  If you haven't already, either download the Zoom app on your IPad, IPhone, Android Phone, or Tablet.  You can do this through the App Store on your device.  If you are working the either Google, Yahoo or another browser, go to to access the software.  All you need to do is sign-up for your free account - we do all the heavy lifting on this one!  Once you have your account set-up, you will be able to join us for any of our Classes, Socials, Trunk Shows, or any thing else we do.  If you have difficulty, call or find a teenager!  They'll have you up and running in no time!

Now to join our sessions, here is what you need to have.  At the time of the Class / Event - you will JOIN A MEETING, enter the MEETING ID and the PASSWORD as giving below. 

Tuesday Morning Knitting - Join Zoom Meeting (10 am to noon)

 Meeting ID:  188-069-387

Password: 745807


Tuesday Night Knitting - Join Zoom Meeting (7 to 9 pm)

 Meeting ID: 443 919 229

Password: 044774


Tuesday Night Crochet - Join Zoom Meeting (7 to 9 pm)

 Meeting ID: 882 714 910

Password: 561149


Wednesday Morning Knitting  - Join Zoom Meeting (10 am to Noon)

 Meeting ID: 731 405 859

Password: 164866


Thursday Night Social Everything - Join Zoom Meeting (6 to 9 pm)

 Meeting ID: 697 505 787

Password: 350734


Friday Morning Crochet (and Knitting) - Join Zoom Meeting ( 10 am to Noon)

 Meeting ID: 273 124 034

Password: 301639

Our actual in-shop HOURS are going to be a little flexible.  We are trying to keep the team home for their safety and that of there families.  Dee and Hannah were great to come in on Saturday to help with orders, shopping and stocking, but were were sure to keep our social distancing, gloving up and sanitizing everything in site!  You can feel free to leave a voicemail (781.570.2134) or email ( and we will get back to you as soon as possible.  You can order on-line and we will ship it right out to you.  My plan is to be in the shop each day as long as we are allowed, but as you know, I am also working on fabric face mask production at night and may be a bit slow in the morning.  

When Shopping with us, remember we are doing 15% off all yarn purchases.  On-line, the coupon code is AY15 and free shipping.   We will still be doing special orders as long as our vendors are shipping.  We are happy to work with you on what you want/need by sending photos, setting up a video, whatever it takes.  We did just receive our Baah Yarn Trunk Show of Aspen, LaJolla and Sequoia yarns and will be putting out photos of all of it for you to see.  We also have the new Shibui garment Trunk Show and will be sharing that as well.  We also got our Dirty Water Dyeworks order!  So you can see we are still bringing in all our yarns, so lots choose from!

We will be setting up Sweater Club meetings on Zoom shortly as well as a few YouTube videos on techniques for you.  More on that later. 

I think that is more than enough for now.  If I forgot anything sorry - I will catch it next time.  


                                                     Fabric Face Masks

I cannot even believe the outpouring of help and sacrifice that so many of you are doing by making these fabric face masks.  Our first Zoom session have 135 participants, all getting geared up to make these masks.  We had another session Sunday afternoon and had 199 participants for my very basic tutorial on making these most needed masks.  if you missed it and probably just want a laugh, you can see the recording here  Zoom Tutorial Video

We have set up a basket at the entry way to our shop with packets of  fabric and the template for the face mask.  My cousin Marcie has come to rescue with our solution for securing the facemasks on - we have been using hairbands, elastic, cording, bias tape, etc., but the Potholder Loom Loops work amazing.  I will be receiving 10 pounds of them tomorrow and will have them available in the basket sometime tomorrow.  I have held up shipping fabric to those who requested so I can put the loops into the packets so please be patient.  The template is available as a free download on our website - and the detailed directions are on  Please use whatever fabric you may have and if you want me to send loops, drop me an email. 

My niece Sarah asked me to pass this along to all of you. 

Hi Everyone,

I am truly  at a loss for words and so thankful for the support you are all giving to health care personnel at this time. I was able to join the 1st zoom call and it took my breath away to see over 100 participants and then to hear that 199 participants were on yesterday is overwhelming.

 Health care offices as well as hospitals have a severe shortage in PPE (personal protective equipment). PPE is crucial at this time. Providers and health care workers are supposed to be wearing full PPE when seeing potential COVID-19 patients. This includes a gown, mask, goggles/ shield and gloves. I work for Tufts Medical Center Community Care in Malden. As of Friday I have less then 40 gowns to use over the course of time while we fight this virus. I also only have 200 surgical masks for my entire office to last us during this time. These cloth masks will allow us to conserve our surgical masks to allow us to create a barrier between the surgical masks and the patients. The CDC has also updated that due to the shortage of masks they are recommending the use of cloth masks. 

Your support during this time does not go unnoticed! With the masks you make I will make sure to find a home for all of them. There are other Tufts Medical Center Community Care offices that I will personally deliver them to as well as the hospital.

 Thank you all so much

Sarah Lemerise
Tufts Medical Community Care

  No better way to say this, so once again...
Again and again, thank you, to the most incredible team and to all of our customer.  Please do all you can to stay healthy and safe.  We are planning to be around for a long time and want you to be with us!