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Directions for Face Mask Makers

For Face Mask  
15 Cambridge Street   
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                                                    Urgent Need - Fabric Face Masks

We had over 100 people on our Zoom this afternoon and I understand that some people could not get on because we went over the limit.  I am overwhelmed by the amazing support and am working to get as many kits put together, while trying to deal with all the on-line and call-in orders so please be patient with me. 

Because we had so many people come on earlier session, I am going to do it again for those that may have missed it and I have increased the number of participants who can join, but have also learned how to mute you all!  The Session will be at 8.00 pm and the details are:

                                                                Meeting ID - 620-112-095
                                                                Password -
Meeting Password

In the event you need it - the link is

If you still need the pattern template it is available from our Online Shop as a pdf download for free.  A number of you have already found it there and at  CraftPassion -   Click for Face Mask Pattern .

I have been getting lots of questions from you all so I will try to answer what I know.  The main idea is that we are trying to help as best we can and all your efforts are so welcome.  

1.  The pattern - please use the template provided for the Man size and cut generously.  Once you have the template, you will need to add 1 inch in length to both the lining and the outside materialon the ends, as well as 1/4 inch seam allowance all the way around the rest.  The added inch to the lining is so you can make the side pocket to insert the surgical mask.  You only have to add the inch to one end of the lining, but when cutting it was easier to just do them all the same (up to you).  Seam allowances are 1/4" and I did trim it even more.  The casings for the ties and pockets are 1/2".  The pattern calls for top-stitching which can be a bit fussy, so don't worry if you don't do that step.  When pressing - and this makes all of it a lot easier - the mask fits perfectly over the narrow end of the ironing board to press the seams down.  Remember to press the seams closed, to one side - not open.  I will be writing up specific directions with pictures and posting a video tomorrow for those who may want to have more detail.  As this demand increases, there are a number of patterns out there.  You are free to use whatever you wish or whichever the organization you are sewing for requests.  I would ask you use this one until I hear otherwise. 

2.  The fabric choice is cotton or a cotton-blend - the main idea being breathable.  Muslin is not required for the lining, it have it, so it works for me.  If you don't, try to go with something not heavily printed or wait for me to send you some.  I have checked in again with Tufts and fleece or flannel are not recommended - mostly because they will have three layers on and we are going for breathable and washable.  And as asked - sheets are fine. 

   I am sorting through the emails for those who need fabric and will be getting it out to you tomorrow.  

3.  Elastic, hairbands, ties, etc. - basically the masks need to be held in place somehow.  If you don't have Elastic or Hairbands at home and I understand it is pretty much sold out everywhere, no worries, you have options.  You can send them to me, you can use cotton yarn, you can make fabric ties, you can use cording or even shoe laces.  Remember that if using ties, they need to be long enough to tie around to the back of the head.   

I think that is the majority of the questions, but if there are any I didn't get to, please let me know.  Again, thank you all so very  much!  I will see some of you tonight.  The rest - get sewing! 


                                                                       The Shop

As this devastating situation continues to unfold, we have made the difficult decision to stop all In-Store shopping.  I personally feel terrible as so many of people have come in thanking me for being open, giving them a chance to grab a project, a set of needles, or just to see the yarn.  But that being said - we are still Open for business in a variety of ways.

1.  Shopping  - there will be several ways you can continue to shop with us. 
           I will be in the shop taking phone and on-lines orders and getting them shipped out.  If you call the shop and I
                  do not answer, please leave a message and I will get back to you as soon as I am able.
           I am happy to set up appointments via teleconference or video to hel