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Still Here, but read on to see the plan

Yup - Still Open, but
limited in store
Lots of On-line and Phone
15 Cambridge Street   
     Burlington, MA  01803        

When I take an email address from a customer, I usually tell them, not to worry - I send a very limited amount of emails.  Well so much for that - Sorry.  But I do want to keep you up to date on what is happening at the Shop. 

So many of you who have come in have told us how grateful you are that we are here and your extreme kindness to us has been overwhelming.  We want to be here, but realize that we need to limit contact as much as possible.  We will be open for in store sales at least through Friday, 20th March, but want to offer other alternatives.  We have been able to work with a number of people on the phone and via video to sort out projects and get them shipped out.  We will be continuing to offer that as long as we can.  So here is what are doing...

1.  Our hours - we have shortened our hours - but in shop hours may be curtailed so check with us before coming in.
          Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday - 10 am to 5 pm
          Tuesday and Thursday - 10 am to 7 pm -
           Sunday 1 - 5 pm

2.  Video - We would like you all to go to Zoom ( on your computer browser or install the app on
            your phones or tablets.  It is free.  We will be setting us social knitting times, as well as help sessions, Sweater
            Club, and virtual trunk shows.  For those of you who cannot access Zoom, next week we will be setting up a
            YouTube Channel (I know, now that is scary!).  We will be putting up our techniques classes, especially those
            for  Sweater Club.  If anyone needs help with either of these technologies, let us know and we will get you up
            and running.  

3.  All Classes - we have stopped all in store Classes, but as you can see from above we are not going to leave you in
            the lurch.  If we have enough interest, we will schedule our regular Drop In Times on Zoom so you can all
            knit or crochet together and get help too.   
4.  Shopping - You have several choices for shopping with us in addition to coming to the shop, although that is      
             currently still an option.  We have on-line sales and are offering free shipping for the near future.  We will
             also do parking lot delivery.  And we will look at the possibility of delivering your purchase to your door if
             need be.  We are also providing 15% off all yarn for the next few weeks.  If you wish to purchase on-line, the
             coupon code is AY15.  Please feel free to share this with anyone. 

As for the shop itself, we will continue cleaning and disinfecting all the tables, chairs, doorknobs, bathrooms, Pattern Binders and all other surfaces with which you may come into contact.  We apologize for the smell of Lysol, Alcohol and Bleach.

All of this being said, we may need to close at any time.  This is a very scary time for all of us and our crafts and the community of friends we have built at the shop are things that can help.  Your support has meant the world to us and has left me feeling very blessed. 

I do want to give you an update on our team. 
Christine and Maggie are on Lock-Down - whether they want to be or not!  We are taking bets on how many sweaters emerge at the end of this from that pair.
Marcie, Dee and Julie are working overtime keeping their families amused and supporting me and you in so many ways.
Anna must be full out at Whole Foods.
Emily and Hannah have had to pack up and leave their respective Colleges while trying to sort out the end of their terms. 

And finally, my mom - we have her on Lock-Down, knitting and reading stories over face-time to the great-grandchildren. 

Thank you again, to the most incredible team and to all of our customer.  Please do all you can to stay healthy and safe.  We are planning to be around for a long time and want you to be with us! 

More to come with times for video chats, new projects, new yarns, etc.  Take care.  Teresa