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Exploring Marls and Color Class Update - Please Read

Exploring Marls and Color
The Bad News and the Good News...

Cecelia Campochiaro was due to fly out of California to Boston next Wednesday
to teach in three locations - the Greater Boston Knitting Guild, Here and Colorful Stitches. 
After discussing the situation with her and leaving it to her to decide,
we have the Bad News -  Cecelia will not be coming next week
and our Class on Friday, 20th March is cancelled.
We completely understand her decision and wish her and her family good health.

The Good News is that we have already rescheduled the Class for
Friday, 4th December 2020 from 10 am to 5 pm.

So you have options:
-  We will hold your seat for December;
-  We will refund  your Class fee (please call or come in to the shop to process the refund)

We did have a waiting list and will be opening any available seats to the list. 
Should you take a refund, we cannot guarantee a seat for you in December. 

We are very sorry to have to cancel this amazing Class, but now
you can anticipate it all the more. 

Stay Healthy - all we can smell at the shop is Bleach and Lysol thanks to our Marcie!!