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Rhinebeck - Read This ONE!!!

Rhinebeck Trip, Saturday, 20th October

My apologies for the 2 emails you received this morning - those were system generated (something we have repeated tried to turn off!).  I am so sorry for any confusion. 

This is the official email for all who signed-up for Rhinebeck, are going to Rhinebeck from either Woburn or Riverside, or unfortunately had to cancel. 

  • At this point, we have received all your cancellation notices and are very sorry you could not join us tomorrow.  Do come by the shop at some point in the near future to get your swag bag. 
  • For those of you joining us, we have all your meal options and pick-up locations per your specifications.  There will be refreshments and a Swag Bag when you board as well as your name tag.  Do not lose your name tag as this is what gets you on the bus and fed.  Your meal choice is on the back of your name tag.

    Woburn / Anderson - we need you to be at Woburn for 6.00 am.  We will be loading the buses as you arrive.  As stated before, you will not be able to board the bus until you have checking in with us in front of the Station Terminal.

    Riverside - we need you to be at the Station by 6.30 am.  The first bus from Woburn will be leaving to pick-you all up.  Depending on traffic - which on Saturday, we are hoping won't be an issue, we should be there then.  The following list is of those people who are being pick-up at Riverside.  If you are not on that list, you need to be in Woburn!

    R Alesse
    R Bassick
    R Brody
    R Buckner
    R Buress
    R Dixon
    R Doyle
    R Gareis Gortowski
    R Glick
    R Johanson
    R Kivel
    R Machanoff
    R Neu
    R Rapp
    R Sirois
    R Woolford
  • Buses will meet up at the Charlton Rest Stop on the Mass Turnpike where you will be able to take a "quick" break for necessities and/or more caffeine.  From there we will make the final step to Rhinebeck. 

  • The weather is anticipated to be cool, but no rain which is great.  They are expecting rain this evening so where appropriate footwear!  Also, lots of walking so be prepared for that. 
  • The buses will be available to you throughout the day.  You may leave items on the bus and you may drop things off on the bus.  The Bus Drivers are not responsible for you belongings, but we have not had any issues before.  Needless to say, I would not leave any money or valuables on the bus.
  • For first timers, besides pacing yourself, our suggestions is to grab something for lunch when we arrive or shortly thereafter.  The lines for lunch are endless once you get into that time zone. 

Finally, enjoy yourself, the beautiful fall weather and your fellow wool enthusiasts.  In the event of an emergency, my cell number is 617.331.2880.  Please use judiciously!  

See you in the morning, or if not, make sure your friends bring you back something!